ITEM 114
Stirrers are used  in a tannery to dissolve and dilute produts or to mix more products together.


They are mainly used for:
– dissolve powders in water;
– diluite paste products;
– mix more products together (pigments – dyestuff – binders – waxes – resins etc) in paint preparation;
– keep paint homogenous so assuring the best eveness of application when using spray guns or roller coating machines or with sprayguns
– Suitable for mixing aggressive products in small vessels.

Main Models:
– Top-Entry Agitators suitable for low viscosity media in small unpressurized vessels. Unpressurized small tanks. Direct coupled propeller type agitators with 4,6,8 poles motors. Aluminium bearing housing with guide bearing.
– Top-Entry Agitators suitable for mixing aggressive products in small vessels. Direct coupled 4 pole motor with polypropylene coated shat and polypropylene or pvdf propeller.