Softness Tester ST300 is used to determine the softness of leather and other similar materials (artificial leather, unwoven fabric, etc) according to International Standard IULTCS/IUP 36, equivalent to UNI EN ISO 17235.
This instrument doesn’t require samples to be cut from leather prior to testing, therefore it does not cause damage on skin or other materials.

The tester may be used internally to ensure that leathers in the same pack are of a similar softness or that softness across a skin or hide is uniform.
Good quality control is a key factor in running a successful, profitable business.
In this respect, the Leather Industry is no exception. The Softness Tester allows buyers to specify what degree of softness is required, removing the element of subjective opinion.

The instrument can also be used to determine the optimum time of dry drumming of leathers or the degree of staking. In this way, maximum softness can be achieved with minimum looseness.
The effect of any changes to the existing process can also be quickly assessed using the Tester, further aiding in the production of more uniform leather with the desired softness.

The Softness Tester is available:
ANALOGIC TYPE ST300A graduated in 0.1mm divisions (instantaneous reading);
ELECTRONIC DIGITAL TYPE  ST300D displaying figures to 0.01mm/0.0005”.
The digital version features a USB interface, thereby enabling links to be made to a computer for data transmission and storage. It is also possible to wirelessly transmit the values measured by the instrument to the PC using the interface technologies (maximum distance 200mts and up to 120 measurements).