Instrument used to determine the softness of leather without causing damages on hide or skin. 

The Softness Tester is a precision instrument that provides a dependable means of monitoring leather softness. It is non destructive, so doesn’t require samples to be removed from the leather prior to testing. This enables a quality system to be set-up between supplier and customer whenever leather softness is a priority.

Good quality control is a key factor in runing a successful, profitable business. In this respect, the Leather Industry is no exception. Traditionally, the grading of leather softness was achieved by means of subjective sensory analysis by skilled inspectors. The need was clearly identified for a simple, inexpensive and easy to use machine which would produce reliable, repetable measurements on a range of leather with varying thickness and softness.

The Softness Tester is available:
ANALOGIC TYPE graduated in 0.1mm divisions;
ELECTRONIC DIGITAL TYPE displaying figures to 0.01mm/0.0005”.
The digital version features a USB interface, thereby enabling links to be made to a computer for data manipulation and storage. Using electronic test equipment, both versions can be calibrated precisely and re-set to original factory parameters.

– IUP/36 (ISO 17235:2002)
The Softness Tester allows buyers to specify what degree of softness is required, removing the element of subjective opinion.