This instrument determines dry and wet colour fastness resistance to cycles provided by rubbing on fabric. leather, yarns, etc.

Evaluation: after rubbing the crocking cloth or felts for Veslic against a colored test specimen for the prescribed cycles, It is removed from the instrument and the amount of color transferred to it is compared to Grey Scale.
The colour fastness resistance is evaluated using the Grey Scale.

Tecnical Specifications
This equipment features n°4 felt carrier stations capable of working with 500 gr or 1 Kg applied weight.
The operator is in order to test 4 different samples at once.
Automatic cycle counter allows self-repeating motions up to 9.999 rounds.

Designed according to:
UNI EN ISO 11640
EN ISO 20344: 7.3
– IUP 450
– SLF 450
– DIN 53339BS
– DIN 53340
– NF EN ISO 5402
– JIS K 6545
I.U.F 450
– I.U.F 454
– I.U.F 458
– Etc.

Construction Specifications

  • sheet-steel carrying structure
  • varnished with antiacid epoxy resin
  • movement unit with radiomotor with permanent greasing
  • stainless steel 18/8 horizontal table with clamps for the drawing of specimens (No. 1 according to l.U.F. specifications No. 4 according to T.N.o. and Pirmasens modifications)
  • System for the elongation of 10% of the specimen or the specimens
  • Felt clamps 15 x 15 mm. with load of 500 gr.
  • Extra weight for 1.000 total.
  • Movement space: more than 35 mm.
  • Brown and Inox steel supports
  • Steel shielded self centering bearings anti-condensate

Functions, Alarm and Cycles selection managed by Last Generation Easy Colour Touch Panel

– Black or White Normalized Wool Felt for Veslic according to ISO 11640 e IUF 450
Crocking Cloth Cotton 5 x 5cm for Crockmeter
Grey Scale for Color Change ISO 105 – A02
Grey scale for Assessing Staining ISO 105 – A03