Portable moisture meter, perfect for measuring the percentage of moisture content in the leather at room temperature (20°C), it is battery operated and features an integral needle electrode.
Built-in electrode with 4 needles of 5mm.

3 models:
– TYPE A: – Analogic range 4% – 30%
– TYPE B: – Digital range 5% – 50%
Digital range 5% – 70%

With the electrode in contact with the material to be measured, depress the button and read the moisture percentage of leather directly on the meter scale.
The measuring electrode is incorporated in the upper part of the moisture meter.
For the protection of the user the needles are covered by a guard that is automatically withdrawn when the needles are pressed in to the material to be measured.
If, with the measuring button depressed, the red corner of the dial lights up, the battery must be replaced.
Use only 9V battery placed in the back of the instrument.

Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Display Analogic /Digital
Range 4% – 30% Analogic
5% – 50% Digital
5% – 70% Digital
Application Industry Textiles and Leather
Dimensions 68 x 34 x 120mm
Power Source 1 x 9v Battery
Guarantee 1 Years

Also available calibration probe to check the accuracy of the instrument.
The calibration test must be carried out at room temperature 20°C.