ITEM 146

Glass Cylinders, universally employed,  for glazing any type of skin of any make of glazing machines.
Main Brands of Glazing Machines: Lo Stampo, Riat, Omac, Gozzini and Polvara.

Dimensions Available
– ∅55 X 120mm width mat
– ∅55 X 120mm width bright
– ∅55 X 180mm width mat
– ∅55 X 180mm width bright
– ∅55 X 180mm width mat

Universal type for glazing of any kind leather High resistance to heat.

It is recommended not to start working with the cylinders immediately after having them collected from a cold (below 10° C) warehouse. It is suggested then to let them acclimatize before mounting in the machine; the sudden passage from a cold temperature to a higher one could provoke a crack of the glass stone.