This method applies to leather to test resistance to continuous flexion till -30°C.
N°8 samples with dimension in accordance with normes, will be mounted on clamps and fixed.

– UNI EN 13335
– EN ISO 4642 annex
– BIUP 39.
At time intervals suggested by the normes, by means of a lens, the samples will observed.
As soon as any eventual visible cut will be detected the test is to be considered performed.

Technical Specifications:
– suitable for working from room temperature up to – 30°C (or other requested temperatures)

REFRIGERATING UNIT equipped as follows:
– carrying structure in varnished sheet-steel mounted on wheels
– test cell in stainless steel 18/8, dimensions lenght 650 X depth 350 X heigh 350 mm about
– upper door mounted on self-aligning hinges, perfect seal, with grip
– double seal inner insulation
–  air-tight engine-compressor, with adequate power, complete with servomechanisms
– inner light with 24V lamp

Control Board With:
– magnetothermal safety switch
– illuminated START-STOP push button of the movement unit
– illuminated START-STOP push button of the refrigerating-ventilating unit
– illuminated push button of the inner light
– illuminated push button for the MANUAL positioning of the sole carrying unit
– digital programmer-indicator of the test temperature
– digital electronic 6 figures cycle – counter.