This machine determines leather resistance to continuous flexion.
The equipment is fitted with either 6 or 12 working stations.
The whole clamps and relevant structure is entirely stainless steel applied.
Digital cycle counter provides repeatable long process solution.

Test Temperature up to -30°C

With this appliance it is possible to obtain tests NOT CONTAMINATED by heat sources because the drive unit of the movement is external and it is screened by the test room.
Therefore all the specimens will always have an even temperature.
The thermal fall is quick and so is the temperature rise after opening the door in order to read the obtained programmed cycles.

This machine is produced in accordance with:

EN ISO 20344: 6.6
I.U.P. 10 + 20
I.U.P. 20
UNI 4818
DIN 53.351 Dauer-Faltverhalten
UNE/I.U.P. 20 Ensayos de resistencia a la flexion continuada

Technical Specifications
– suitable for working from room temperature up to – 30°C (or other requested temperatures)

Construction Specifications
– appliance ref. “G.6 – G.12” mounted on:

REFRIGERATING UNIT equipped as follows:
– carrying structure in varnished sheet-steel mounted on wheels
– test cell in stainless steel 18/8 size:

lenght: 650 mm. about
depth: 350 mm. about
heigh: 350 mm. about

– upper door mounted on self-aligning hinges, perfect seal, with grip
– double seal inner insulation
– air-tight engine-compressor, with adequate power, complete with servomechanisms
– inner light with 24V lamp

Control Board With:
– magnetothermal safety switch
– illuminated START-STOP push button of the movement unit
– illuminated START-STOP push button of the refrigerating-ventilating unit
– illuminated push button of the inner light
– illuminated push button for the MANUAL positioning of the sole carrying unit
– digital programmer-indicator of the test temperature
– digital electronic 6 figures cycle – counter.