This machine determines leather resistance to continuous flexion.

The whole clamps and relevant structure is entirely stainless steel applied.
Digital cycle counter provides repeatable long process solution.

This machine is produced in accordance with:
– EN ISO 20344: 6.6
– I.U.P. 10 + 20
– I.U.P. 20
– UNI 4818
– DIN 53.351 Dauer-Faltverhalten
– UNE/I.U.P. 20 Equipments for testing at room temperature

Equipments for testing at room temperature :
– Flexometer 6 working test stations
– Fleximeter 12 working test stations
– Flexometer 24 working test station.

Technical characteristics idoneous to work with 100 + 5 cycles with 22,5° deflexion angle

Mechanical characteristics
-drive cabin in acidproof varnished steel-plate
-speed reducing motor group self-lubrificant type,
-mouvement transmission unit in chromed-steel and seales selfcentering bearings,

Testing unit with
-bearing base in Stainless Steel 18/8
-lower and upper clamps, carrying road ans screws in Stainless steel 18/8
-mountings in Stainless steel 18/8
-spacer sleeves and joint lugs to the drive cabin in Stainless Steel 18/8
-anti-condensation self centering bearings.

Operating panel with:
-master switch,
-switch for the automatic clamp lining up,
-pilot lamps
-6 figure electronic knock counter

Power supply: 220V – 50 cycles AC
Size: 1000 x 310 x 270 m m. about
Weight: 35 kilos about.