The Crockmeter is a relatively simple rub tester used to check colour fastness to rubbing on fabric, leather, yarns, etc.
Regardless of speciment material, both wet and dry testing of solidity of the colors to friction can be performed.

The instrument is provided with two friction ankles. One is cylindrical with a diameter of 16mm, the other is rectangular and it measures 25,4x19mm (optional), corresponding to the required standards.
A pratical meter allows to set the correct number of frictions for the required test, stopping automatically the tool when it reaches the established number of cycles.
Evaluation: after rubbing the crocking cloth against a colored test specimen for the prescribed cycles, the crocking cloth is removed from the instrument and the amount of color transferred to it is compared to Grey Scale.
In addition to this, the tool is provided with a mechanical 3-digit resettable counter.

– UNI EN ISO 105 X12
– UNI EN ISO 105 X D02
– AATCC 165
– M&S C8
– NEXT 6
– BS 1006 D02
– BS 4655
– ETC.

Weight:  8 kg
Dimensions: 670Lx223Wx210H

Crocking cloth cotton 5×5 cm. for Crockmeter
– Grey Scale for Color Change ISO 105 – A02
Grey scale for Assessing Staining ISO 105 – A03

This model is also available in electronic version (Electronic Crockmeter).

Equipped with digital reading counter device and standard cotton fabrics.

 Download data sheet.