Bennewart applies to rubber outsoles to test their resistance to continuous flexion till -30°C.

This method applies to rubber outsoles to test their resistance to continuous flexion. The equipment features a whole stainless steel clamps group, able to carry up to n°3 entire soles or n°9 samples.
Mechanical motion is guaranteed by a special engine reducer system while a digital cycle counter will provide automatic setting of test parameter.
Before starting process, the operator shall provide a cut onto the sole upper side, given by a standardized steel punch.The eventual dimensional enlarging of such provoked cut will be measured to verify flexion resistance.
This equipment is structured to carry on tests up to – 25°C by means of dedicated refrigerating unit positioned in the lower side of frame.
Temperature setting is guaranteed by a digital thermoregulator on the control boardNormalized soles fiexometer suitabie for testing from ambient temperature to -25° C.
The test may be performed on 3 Soles or 9 samples.
18/8 Stainless Steel Cell with condensate release.
Automatic engine brake for a quick and fast sample mounting.
Refrigerating unit Ref.”IG/FR-25” with forced ventilation for a perfect temperature uniformity.
Rapid thermal descent.

This machine is produced in accordance with:
EN ISO 20344: 8.4
– DIN 53543 6.3_79
– UNITechnical Features
-Capability of processing from ambient to -25°C

Designing charactenstics:
– Stainless Steel carrying varnishid structure with moving wheeis
– 18/8 Stainless steel Internal test cell
– Closure door with perfect hoid device provided with handle
– Internai double seal insuiation
– Internal double ventilation for the air forced ventilation
– Tightened high power motocompressor complete of adequate servomechanism
– 24 V internal light with lamp
– Safety microswitch installed on the door

Control Board:
– Magnetothermai safety switch
– Engine thermal protection-START-STOP iuminous switch for motion group
– START-STOP luminous switch refrigerator/ventilation
– Intemai light luminous switch
– Sole clamps group luminous switch for the MANUAL positioning-Digital Programmer / Indicator of the test “T”
– N°6 places electronic digital counter.

Punch for Sole Cutting not included.

Download data sheet.