Bandknives are used in:
– TANNERIES: on splitting machines by Mosconi, Poletto, Rizzi, Turner, Svit, Linta, Alpespak, CSM, Gemata, Mercier, etc.
– SHOE MANUFACTURERS AND LEATHER GOODS: on leather splitting machines by Atom-Ellegi, Alberti, Fortuna, Camoga, Omsa-Sagitta, Albeko, Svit, etc.
– PROCESSING OF FOAM, SYNTHETICS AND CORK FACTORIES: on machines by Fecken Kirfelant other machines.
– FUR PROCESSING FACTORY: for processing skins on machines by Selbeck, Capdevila and other machines.

High-quality splitting bandknife: higher output per knife, higher output due to less time needed for changing bandknives, increased leather prices due to exact thickness of upper leather and split • less risk of damaging the splitting machine.

All dimensions available and for every Splitting Machines.

For every splitting machines.

All dimensions available.


splitting knives dimensions.pdf